UX Research

Research to generate insights about users, their behavior, goals, motivations, and needs.

CX Research

Content Strategy Roadmaps, Customer Journey Mapping, Persona Development and Neurobiological Experience Diagnostics.

User Testing

Testing with real users to ensure the best possible experience with products and services.

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Co:creativo is Brian Loeb’s platform for highlighting the Customer and User Experience Research. Brian performs on a freelance basis, where Research encompasses Testing and  Analytics.

Co:creativo believes that innovation and successful projects are best achieved by delivering the right combination of customer and user benefits in order to get the best Brand and Business Experience (BX). We want to design interactions that allow customers to achieve their goals in the most engaging ways possible in every moment of truth for a complete successful Customer Experience (CX). We always placed the user in the center to make sure when using a product, system or service gets the best User Experience (UX).

By providing freelance services in co-creation with customers, users and collaborators, Co:creativo delivers the best service quality while maximizing economy and flexibility.